GD412-B-44 ASTM D412 Test FixtureGD412-B-44 ASTM D412 Test Fixture


Model# GD412-B-44

The GD412-B-44 O-Ring Test Fixture is made per ASTM D412 Method B. This fixture measures the stress-strain properties of flat ring samples of vulcanized thermoset rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.

The GD412-B-44 includes one upper and one lower grip with a 15.9 mm female cup adapter with a hole for a 8 mm diameter cross pin. Machine adapters are available to connect with existing test machines.


  • Meets ASTM D412 Method B
  • 4.75 mm diameter shaft on bearings
  • 15.9 mm (5/8 in) cup with 8 mm pin
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