GD1871 ASTM D1871 Test Fixture


Model# GD1871

ASTM D1871 specifies test fixtures for determining the adhesion strength of a single-filament wire to vulcanized rubber. GD1871 fixtures are built to conform to the dimensions and specifications of ASTM D 1871, and modeled to the dimensions of the specialized top grip for the vulcanized rubber block sample. According ASTM D1871, the bottom grip may be any type clamp that has sufficient capacity to handle the specimen and is designed to prevent slippage and prevent premature filament breakage.

Reference: ASTM Standard D1871, 2010, ASTM D1871 Standard Test Method for Adhesion Between Tire Bead Wire and Rubber, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2007.

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