GD1781-115 ASTM D1781 Test Fixture


Model# GD1781-115

Drum Peel Test ASTM D1781 specifies test fixtures for determining the adhesive properties between a relatively flexible adherand and a stiff adherand. The GD1781-115 fixture meets these requirements. The fixture consists of a flanged drum, flexible loading straps, and specified clamps for holding the test specimen. The dimensions are per ASTM. Reference: ASTM Standard D 1781, 2004, ASTM D 1781, Standard Test Method for Climbing Drum Peel for Adhesives, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2007.


  • 100 mm inner diameter
  • 400 mm long strip
  • Adapters or couplers available to match your test machine
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