GD1683-83 ASTM D1683 Test FixtureGD1683-83 ASTM D1683 Test Fixture


Model# GD1683-83

Grab Test Grip Requirements per ASTM D1683 - test the seam strength of sewn fabrics. The G83 Grip configured with specialized jaws meet these requirements. ASTM D1683 is used to determine either the sewn seam strength of textiles or the efficiency of a seam assembly with any given fabric. The sizes of the jaws are specified in addition to having at least one clamp supported by a free swivel or universal joint to allow the clamp to rotate in the plane of the fabric. Reference: ASTM Standard D 1683, 2004, D1683 Standard Test Method for Failure in Sewn Seams of Woven Apparel Fabrics, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2007.

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