GC1674-22 ASTM C1674 Test Fixture


Model# GC1674-22

GC1674-22 determines the flexural strength (modulus of rupture in bending) at ambient conditions of advanced ceramic structures with 2-dimensional honeycomb channel architectures. Bend fixtures are need to perform the four point bend tests required by ASTM C1674. TestResources GC1674-22 is a four point bend fixture with self aligning bearings.

Note: Optional adapters or mechanical connections available for all test machines.


  • Rated 4,500 lb (20 kN)
  • 360 mm long Support base
  • Metric ruler to adjust spans
  • 2 lower support anvils - 100 mm (4") wide- Articulating rollers on flats
  • Upper Loading Span 240mm long
  • 6.35mm dia. Rollers
  • Per ASTM C947