GC1359-175 ASTM C1359 Test FixtureGC1359-175 ASTM C1359 Test Fixture


Model# GC1359-175

GC1359-175 is specifically designed to be used to determine tensile strength of ceramic materials, as specified by ASTM C1359. GC1359-175 is an active type grip that can withstand high temperatures. ASTM allows for many different grips to be used with the test practices of C1359, but warns that point or line contact grips may crack the brittle test specimen. Wedge grips, pneumatic grips, and hydraulic passive grips work well to hold the test specimen without damaging it. Reference ASTM Standard C1359, 2005, Standard Test Method for Monotonic Tensile Strength Testing of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics With Solid Rectangular Cross-Section at Elevated Temperatures, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA.


  • Meets ASTM C1359 for Elevated Temperature Tension of Ceramic Material
  • Static Rated 75 kN (16,875 lb)
  • Fatigue Rated 50 kN (11,250 lb)