GC1341-238 ASTM C1341 Test Fixture


Model# GC1341-238
Force 5 kN (1,124 lbf)
Maximum Span Lower span adjustable to a ~260 mm max
Upper span adjustable to a ~180 mm max
Roller 10.16 mm roller diameter by 40 mm wide


  • Tests fiber reinforced ceramic composites in accordance with ASTM C1341
  • Max force capacity 5kN
  • 3 point and 4 point loading configuration
  • Bracketing for a 19 mm diameter LVDT (LVDT not included)
  • 15.9 mm (5/8 in) female cup adapters with a hole for a 8 mm diameter cross pin
  • Tests for flexural strength and strain, fracture strength and strain, modulus of elasticity, and stress-strain curves
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