GB406 ASTM B406 Test Fixture


Model# GB406

ASTM B406 measures the transverse rupture strength of cemented carbides. GB406 Transverse Rupture Fixture is a stainless steel fixture with two ground cemented carbide cylinders for the test specimen to rest on. A cemented tungsten carbide ball or cylinder that moves perpendicular to the test specimen applies the load. This load element is located half way between the fixtures that the test specimen rests on. The fixture handles loads capable of breaking the test specimen. Pair this fixture with a TestResources 300 series 50 kN test machine.

References ASTM Standard B 406, 1996, Standard Test Method for Transverse Rupture Strength of Cemented Carbides, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 1996.

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