TestResources Smart Designs are driven to meet a 95/50 goal--Meet most, not all testing applications

Our Smart Design process starts with a philosophy to design standard products that fit most, but not each and every application. We have found that by eliminating about 5% of the most expensive testing applications, we reduce test machine costs by up to 50%. This is what we call our 95/50 design rule.

The 95/50 rules starts with the intent to cut costs of a test machine by 50%. We first look at the cost implications of 45 different specifications and then find a solution by pulling back on some specifications and modifying the design. Using this approach, we find that by compromising on as few as 5% of testing applications, we can deliver a machine for half the price.

Our Smart Design approach has caused us to be leaders in bringing innovation to the mechanical testing market. TestResources was one of the first companies to recognize the benefits of new technological advances in electromechanical and electrodynamic actuators to provide our customers with more affordable prices.

For example, we achieve our 95/50 rule by building our electrodynamic fatigue test machines at a slightly lower test speed rating. For instance, we found that more than 95% of the market doesn’t need to operate at 100 hz. As a result, our 800 Series product line of electrodynamic test systems cost less than 50% of the competition and at the same time, the vast majority of the market is satisfied to test at test speeds of 15-20 hz.

Modular design brings freedom

Another driving force of our Smart Design methodology is to create testing products using interchangeable modules whenever possible. This approach frees you to buy the system you need today with the confidence that you will be able to expand capabilities in the future.

Similarly the modular approach lets you defer some options to a future timeframe when you may have more funding, or when you have clarity on what your other test applications actually demand. You no longer have to start over or buy more than what you need.

More options means you get just what you need

Another goal of our Smart Design approach is to provide choices and options. Modularity allows us to create our extremely large number of products for a fraction of the cost and it allows us to quickly and efficiently tailor solutions to your unique requirements.

Our Smart Design approach allows for our application engineers to guide customers through their options to choose the best and most cost-effective solution for them. For instance, in plastic tensile test applications, the most common need is to generate tensile strength and elongation at break values. Plastics tensile test applications can often be served by an entry level test controller rather than requiring our sophisticated top of the line controller. Both controllers fit appropriately in different tensile testing applications, and our applications expert can help you choose which one is best for you.

Our modular solutions are made up of multiple load frame types, styles or sizes, controllers, tensile test software, tensile grips, wedge grips, extensometers, and high/low temperature chambers that are cost effective. You can buy only what you need for your specific application and leave the rest for later. Call TestResources today and our engineers will save you time and money through our efficient Smart Design.