Material Type Wire Pull Testing and Wire Torsion Testing

Wire Pull Testing and Wire Torsion Testing

Wire is used to hold, connect, pull, strengthen, and lift in many applications ranging from high-load bridge support and concrete reinforcement, to small objects such as electronics. The range of load testing applications stretches from 10 N (2 lb) to 1000 kN (220 000 lb). In applications like these, it is critical to understand the strength, working load, and elongation of the wire being used.

Wire torsion tests are often required to ensure that wire assemblies can withstand the stresses induced by twist-on connectors. Collet-style grips such as the TestResources G99 grips work well for torsional or combined axial and torsional testing applications.

For applications involving strength of the wire (typically steel wire) customers are often concerned about which standard test method to follow, the correct grip for wire testing, and which wire test machine that is right for them. TestResources has a large compilation of wire test standards that can be used as a reference for determining the proper wire testing grips and test machines.

Thin fine wire, such as a nitinol wire, can add additional challenges to testing. TestResources has testing machines with low force capacity, and precision control for any fine wire test. The G13 series are pneumatic grips delicate and accurate enough to handle fine wire tests.

However, some wire testing does not require precision control. Testing of this type is popular in the area of electrical connection strength. Knowing the force required to pull apart electrical connections is important in many automotive, aerospace, and military applications. Our pull testing machines are tough to beat at a competitive price. 

When it comes to wire testing, TestResources has the experience and equipment to get your testing done. Our goal is to provide information and high quality testing equipment for any material testing application. For more information on different wire testing check out the Application pages below.

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