Testing Accessories and Upgrades for Instron Test Equipment for Sale

TestResources offers test fixtures, ovens, grips and test machine accessories compatible with Instron® machines. Our control systems upgrade Instron load frames and we offer replacement test machines for Instrons. We are often asked how we compare to Instron. TestResources expertise is in providing application engineering services and static, dynamic and fatigue testing solutions. We provide electro mechanical, electro dynamic and servo hydraulic test machines, equipment and accessories. Instron salesmen sell hardness testers, pendulum impact testers, melt flow products, rheometers, rotating beam testers and creep testers. TestResources is smaller and supports customers with engineered test accessories and expertise, including selling test accessories to Instron customers. We supply tensile grips, wedge grips, extensometers, chambers, ovens, furnaces, bend fixtures, compression platens and fixtures, and special test software. This is just a sampling of how we are different
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